Mit Benprogram


Jeg er netop kommet hjem fra den vildeste bentræning! Øv øv øv den nummi kommer til at gøre ondt i morgen. Lige som så mange andre har jeg nok lidt et had/kærlighedsforhold til bendag. På den ene side er det så uendeligt hårdt – på den anden side er benene et af de steder jeg virkelig kan se fremgang. Jeg har faktisk lige slået min PR i benpres! J Efter sommerferien tog jeg 110kg – nu tager jeg 140kg!
Hvis i kunne tænke jeg lidt inspiration til benøvelser – så poster jeg mit benprogram herunder. I må endelig spørge, hvis der er nogle øvelser I ikke kender J

Opvarmning: crosstræner i 10 min

Squat 3×10 med 50kg + 3×10 med 40kg
Benpres 2×10 med 140kg + 3×10 med 130kg

Front squat x20 med 10kg
Sumo squat x20 med 10kg
Bulgarian twist squat x15 (på hvert ben) med 10kg

Seated leg curl 3×10 med 80lbs
Leg extension 3×10 med 80lbs
Eagle Glute 3×10 (på hvert ben) med 170lbs.
Calf raises 3×15 med 80lbs

Afsluttende bonus: stairmaster 10 min (en ægte dræber!)


Lyt til lækre Ryan 😉 Haha

// I just came a crazy leg workout – my butt is going to hurt so bad tomorrow! I love leg day – mostly beacouse I have seen a lot of progress lately. In the summer I leg pressed 110kg – now I do 140kg! //

Post Leg day: Banana chocolate dessert!

Hey guys!

Do you know the feeling after a great leg workout? When walking and sitting suddenly becomes impossible? I LOVE that feeling. I LOVE the endorphins that fill up my body during the last reps. And I LOVE the pain, the shaking and the sweat.
My favorite exercise is the squat – today I did like 200 squats! (Back squats, front squats and sumo squats) And of course I also leg pressed (new PR: 125kg!), used the abductors, leg curled, and did a lot of lunges! Leg day is without drought my favorite day!
My post workout ”dessert” was this:

Base: 200g of Greek yoghurt 0% mixed with half a banana and 15g of chocolate protein powder. (I used Caribbean Chocolate from the Danish online shop Bodylab.)
Topping: The other half of the banana and a dark chocolate/coffee protein bar.


Which exercises do you guys do on leg day? And what do you eat as your post workout meals?

Rice Cake (in layers!)

Hey all of my fit friends! 😉

You think rice cakes are dry and boring? Well, think again. All you have to do is layer them with Greek yoghurt and strawberry porridge and voila! They turn into a delicious cake-ish dessert that is way more fun to eat. I used: 3 rice cakes, 2 tbsp. of Greek yoghurt and 2 tbsp. of strawberry mash – but you can use what ever you like! Seriously guys, try it. It is just much funnier to eat good-looking food and this rice cake thing is so cute, lol.




Chickpea omelet

Skærmbillede 2014-09-06 kl. 14.57.40I made this a long time ago, but the recipe never made it to the blog. That is a shame, so here it is!
– 1 whole egg + one egg white
– 100g of canned chickpeas
– 1 tsp. Salt
– A bit of olive oil for the pan
– Toppings: bell pepper, grated carrot, cottage cheese and extra chickpeas.
How to:
– Blend the egg and the egg white with the chickpeas and the salt.
– Cook the mixture like a pancake on a pan (middle heat). You can use some olive oil, so it doesn’t stick.
– When it gets a bit structure you can flip it easily.
– Arrange it on a plate and top it with your favorite veggies

Low Carb Pizza

Hallo out there!

Just thought I would pop in to share a little (and easy) recipe. I find that this can be eaten for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza right?

Today has been an easy day. I woke up at 8am and went out for brunch with some of my favorite girls. I only had one class at school – chemistry, my favorite (actually I’m thinking about becoming a doctor? Just an idea.) Later I’ll go to the gym – it is cardio day, so I’m taking two classes. It’s gonna be horribly hard, but I LOVE cardio classes at the moment – the music is loud and the instructor is amazing!

Anyways.. Back to the recipe:


–       1 egg + 2 egg whites
–       a little oil for the pan
–       2 tbsp. tomato paste
–       5-6 pieces of sliced chicken
–       40 g cheese (I used 10%)

How to:
Beat and mix the eggs gently. Spread the oil on a medium heated pan, and cook the eggs like an omelet. Flip it around and add the fillings. Then leave pan on low heat and cover it with a piece of tin foil. Wait about 10 minutes and viola! The cheese is melted! Now arrange the pizza with lots of fresh veggies and ENJOY!

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Perfect lunch on a Monday

What’s up guys? Are you enjoying this Monday? I sure am. My first classes were canceled, so I went for a short run in the early sunshine. (Okay.. the weather wasn’t that great, but anyways..) My mind wanted to go for a looong run, but I have trouble with my left hip and I have to be careful. After school I killed my back, triceps and abs at the gym! (Those gains better start coming!!!)

I had this PERFECT lunch as my post run meal! I won’t call it a recipe, just thought it could be an inspiration. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.


Yes, I’m Angry

Hey Guys!

Am I the only one who is SICK and TIRED of these memes? I mean, who are you to tell me what I should look like? For some reason it has become okay to accuse people of being too skinny? Why? Telling people they are too fat has NEVER been OK, then why is THIS suddenly approvable?

And seriously? What’s with the men? Men want this, not that blablablabla… This is my body! I look like I want! Not the way some random man want’s me to look like. Isn’t that what’s important? That I feel happy about myself? Should I really try to look a certain way, just because “men” want a “woman with curves”? I know these images were probably made to help women feel better about them selves (and their extra kilos) but isn’t it doing the exact opposite?

These images make me think about the “men’s” roll in this beauty ideal conflict. Are men really the reason why women all over the world starve them selves and go on crazy diets? Are men really the reason why we go to the gym for hours each week? NO! They shouldn’t be! Healthy living isn’t a punishment! We should be working out and eating healthy because it makes us feel good, not to attract the most men. If he really loves you, he wont care about those kilos, right?

I’m saying this to myself as well as you guys. I need to remember this too. All our bodies are different – some are born with curves, some with muscle and some might be born “boney”.

For some girls these memes/images might be a confidence boost, but for others they can be very hurtful.