Choko Popcorn // Chocolate Popcorn

”Chokolade? Ja tak! Popcorn? Ja tak! En kombination? Endnu mere JA TAK!” Sådan tænkte jeg, da jeg faldt over et chokolade-popcorn-billede på Instagram. Ihh, hvor så det godt og lækkert ud! Desværre var der ingen opskrift… – men altså, så opfinder man vel bare sin egen! En vellykket en af slagsen hvis jeg selv skulle sige det. Den søde og salte snack blev selvfølgelig nydt i selvskab med familien og DR’s dramaserie 1864 (Hvad synes i for resten om den? Jeg kan ikke rigtig finde ud af, hvad jeg selv synes..)


  • 50g mørk chokolade 70%
  • 30g poppede popcorn (ca. 1/3 pose)
  • 1 spsk. frysetørrede hindbær

Fremgangsmåde: Smelt chokoladen over et vandbad. Tilsæt herefter popcornene, og bland godt, så chokoladen fordeles på alle popcornene. Beklæd et fad med bagepapir, og arranger chokolade popcornene deri – herefter pyntes med de frysetørrede hindbær. Stil fadet på køl i et par timer, og nyd så en lækker snack.


”Chocolate? Yes please! Popcorn? Yes please! A combination? YES PLEASE!” That was what I though when I came across a chocolate-popcorn-post on Instagram. It looked incredibly delicious! Unfortunately there was no recipe… Well then you make your own! And a pretty successful one, if I am to say it myself. I enjoyed the salty and sweet snack with my family – what a perfect way to end the weekend.


  • 50g dark chocolate (70%)
  • 30g ”popped” popcorn (about 1/3 bag)
  • 1 tbsp. freeze-dried raspberries

How too: Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Then add the popcorn, and mix gently so the chocolate is spread on all the popcorns. Cover a dish with a baking sheet, and arrange the chocolate popcorn in it. Then decorate with the freeze-dried raspberries. Leave the dish in the refrigerator for a few hours – and enjoy your snack!

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Is it okay to say no?

Hey Guys,

In my class we have traditions. We always buy candy in the Café when writing big assignments, and at our birthday we always bring cake. If I am to be 100% honest this doesn’t fit into my life style, not at all. I must admit that I often say no hanks. Not because I want to restrict my self – but because I don’t feel the need to eat either cake or candy in that moment. Years of eating healthy have cured me from my cravings, and I simply don’t need to have sweets several times during the week.

Most of the time my friends accept me. It is (almost) approved that I bring a big salad for lunch and that I workout six times a week. But when I say no to a piece of cake there will be hell to pay! Suddenly everyone has something to say about my healthiness. ”It’s okay to have something unhealthy once in a while, you know that right?” and ”Oh but you work out so much – why can’t you treat yourself?” they ask so judicially. It is like they immediately think I have an eating disorder or something. Every time I assure them that I’m OK ”Yes I do treat myself sometimes” and “yes I do know that I can eat a piece of cake without becoming fat” It’s like I have to apologize. I hate that.

large-6 large-5

Some years ago, when I began my healthy journey, my relationship with food did become partly unhealthy. I restricted myself some foods, and it came to effect my social life. One day I sat down and looked myself in the mirror. I told myself that this was not what I wanted! So I changed it.

Today I have found balance. Treating myself is now a choice – not ”cheating”. It is just so annoying that I have to protect and apologize for my choices and beliefs. I don’t judge them for having the cake – so why do they have to judge me?

This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I accept that people choose differently than I do myself. They can have as much cake they want – that is not my business. I just really wish that they would also start accepting me.

Low Carb Pizza

Hallo out there!

Just thought I would pop in to share a little (and easy) recipe. I find that this can be eaten for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza right?

Today has been an easy day. I woke up at 8am and went out for brunch with some of my favorite girls. I only had one class at school – chemistry, my favorite (actually I’m thinking about becoming a doctor? Just an idea.) Later I’ll go to the gym – it is cardio day, so I’m taking two classes. It’s gonna be horribly hard, but I LOVE cardio classes at the moment – the music is loud and the instructor is amazing!

Anyways.. Back to the recipe:


–       1 egg + 2 egg whites
–       a little oil for the pan
–       2 tbsp. tomato paste
–       5-6 pieces of sliced chicken
–       40 g cheese (I used 10%)

How to:
Beat and mix the eggs gently. Spread the oil on a medium heated pan, and cook the eggs like an omelet. Flip it around and add the fillings. Then leave pan on low heat and cover it with a piece of tin foil. Wait about 10 minutes and viola! The cheese is melted! Now arrange the pizza with lots of fresh veggies and ENJOY!

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Perfect lunch on a Monday

What’s up guys? Are you enjoying this Monday? I sure am. My first classes were canceled, so I went for a short run in the early sunshine. (Okay.. the weather wasn’t that great, but anyways..) My mind wanted to go for a looong run, but I have trouble with my left hip and I have to be careful. After school I killed my back, triceps and abs at the gym! (Those gains better start coming!!!)

I had this PERFECT lunch as my post run meal! I won’t call it a recipe, just thought it could be an inspiration. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.


Yes, I’m Angry

Hey Guys!

Am I the only one who is SICK and TIRED of these memes? I mean, who are you to tell me what I should look like? For some reason it has become okay to accuse people of being too skinny? Why? Telling people they are too fat has NEVER been OK, then why is THIS suddenly approvable?

And seriously? What’s with the men? Men want this, not that blablablabla… This is my body! I look like I want! Not the way some random man want’s me to look like. Isn’t that what’s important? That I feel happy about myself? Should I really try to look a certain way, just because “men” want a “woman with curves”? I know these images were probably made to help women feel better about them selves (and their extra kilos) but isn’t it doing the exact opposite?

These images make me think about the “men’s” roll in this beauty ideal conflict. Are men really the reason why women all over the world starve them selves and go on crazy diets? Are men really the reason why we go to the gym for hours each week? NO! They shouldn’t be! Healthy living isn’t a punishment! We should be working out and eating healthy because it makes us feel good, not to attract the most men. If he really loves you, he wont care about those kilos, right?

I’m saying this to myself as well as you guys. I need to remember this too. All our bodies are different – some are born with curves, some with muscle and some might be born “boney”.

For some girls these memes/images might be a confidence boost, but for others they can be very hurtful.




Paleo Bread Recipe

Hey Guys


Seriously, I am in love! This paleo bread! It is so good – I’ve never had anything like it. TRUST ME! You HAVE to try it! Like right now! 😉

–       500g of mixed seeds and nuts (I used 100g sunflower seeds, 100g pumpkin seeds, 100g linseed, 100g sesame seeds, 50g almonds and 50g hassle nuts)
–       5 eggs (size M)
–       100g of olive oil.
–       2 tsp. Salt

Mix everything gently together in a bowl.
Fill the mixture into a baking form (about length 25 cm).
Bake the bread for 60 minutes (160 degrees Celsius).
This bread is a bit high in calories, but it is also filled with LOTS of healthy fats.




Hey everybody!


Wuuuuhuuuu! I am officially the HAPPIEST girl in the world! Can you guess why??? Yes, I did it! I ran my very first half marathon, my first 21.097 km! After 4 months of training – we have been running in snow, minus degrees, rain, wind, after long school/work days and sometimes very late at night. Oh man! It was the biggest succes when I crossed that finish line, I almost cried of relief.

The day started at 7.30pm with a big bowl of oatmeal and a LOT of water. I knew it was gonna be a warm day so I made sure to drink enough! At 9am I got on the train with my friend. We sure weren’t the only runners in that train! It was filled with hopeful and enthusiastic runners, who were just as exited as I was. An hour later we reached the start area, which was filled with people. My friend and I found a spot to sit down, shared a banana and drank some energy drink. The sun was shining from a clear sky and everything was perfect. I wore my favorite clothes, my ankle was bound tightly (see why in earlier posts) and my running shoes were tied.
At 11 o’clock we were all ready to go! I remember standing there between the 7500 other runners. The music was playing in my ears, my hands were shaking of excitement and I felt AMAZING!
I ran the first two kilometers a bit quicker than expected, but I had to get out of a huge group of people. After that I slowed down and found a perfect pace, which I kept almost the entire run. I must say though.. I ran into a physical barrier at the 15 km sign. Uhh it was hard! The sweat was dripping from my fore head because of the heat and my legs felt tired. Luckily it only lasted about 3-4 kilometers – I just ran right through it! Instead of focusing on the negatives I tried to imagine how it would feel to cross the finish line. THAT really helped!
1 hour and 53 minutes and it was over. I had crossed the line and it felt SO MUCH BETTER than I had ever imagined. It was unbelievable! My dream (which I had worked so hard for) had come true. Yeah, I guess it is a feeling I cant describe.

Today I’m am very very sore.. everything hurts – my quards, my back, my hips, even my shoulders and arms! Haha! Better sore than sorry right? 😀

If anyone is interested in my time and pace: