Chickpea omelet

Skærmbillede 2014-09-06 kl. 14.57.40I made this a long time ago, but the recipe never made it to the blog. That is a shame, so here it is!
– 1 whole egg + one egg white
– 100g of canned chickpeas
– 1 tsp. Salt
– A bit of olive oil for the pan
– Toppings: bell pepper, grated carrot, cottage cheese and extra chickpeas.
How to:
– Blend the egg and the egg white with the chickpeas and the salt.
– Cook the mixture like a pancake on a pan (middle heat). You can use some olive oil, so it doesn’t stick.
– When it gets a bit structure you can flip it easily.
– Arrange it on a plate and top it with your favorite veggies

Vanilla protein oats

Hey guys!

Just an easy (and tasty) recipe on one of my favorite oatmeal variations:


1 dl oats

15g vanilla protein powder

1 dl milk

1 dl water

Just mix everything together and cook in a casserole (use middle heat – if it’s too high the milk will get burned). I topped mine with some raspberries but you can use whatever you like!