Lækkersmækker avokado

Halløj derude!

Så er det onsdag – dvs. over halvvejs til weekend 😉 Jeg er I rigtigt godt humør i dag – både fordi jeg netop har bestået min teoriprøve, og fordi jeg har en træningsaftale med min søde veninde i aften! Vi har aftalt at spise aftensmad sammen bagefter, så jeg har købt ind til lækker salat med kikærter, kylling, sukkerærter, agurk og avokado. I min verden er alt med avokado simpelthen i hit! Hvad med jer?

IMG_5258 IMG_5419 IMG_5434 IMG_5644

//Let’s take a moment to appreciate these perfectly delicious avocados, shall we? //


Today’s workout and lunch

Hey Guys!


I had an awesome workout at the gym today – I pretty much increased weight in every single exercise! Actually I deadlifted 40kg which is more than ever before! My abs, back and triceps are going to be unbelievable sore tomorrow! Love it! Anyways when I finally got home (after almost 2 hours) I made this awesome lunch!

– 3 rice paper rolls filled with 1 red pepper, half a cucumber, sweet chili sauce and soya sauce.

– half a squash and a green pepper steamed on a pan topped with Mexican spiced minced meat.

– 2 big tablespoons of cottage cheese

I just love having vacation – that way I can cook nice fresh food for dinner instead of the usual lunchbox.