Choko Popcorn // Chocolate Popcorn

”Chokolade? Ja tak! Popcorn? Ja tak! En kombination? Endnu mere JA TAK!” Sådan tænkte jeg, da jeg faldt over et chokolade-popcorn-billede på Instagram. Ihh, hvor så det godt og lækkert ud! Desværre var der ingen opskrift… – men altså, så opfinder man vel bare sin egen! En vellykket en af slagsen hvis jeg selv skulle sige det. Den søde og salte snack blev selvfølgelig nydt i selvskab med familien og DR’s dramaserie 1864 (Hvad synes i for resten om den? Jeg kan ikke rigtig finde ud af, hvad jeg selv synes..)


  • 50g mørk chokolade 70%
  • 30g poppede popcorn (ca. 1/3 pose)
  • 1 spsk. frysetørrede hindbær

Fremgangsmåde: Smelt chokoladen over et vandbad. Tilsæt herefter popcornene, og bland godt, så chokoladen fordeles på alle popcornene. Beklæd et fad med bagepapir, og arranger chokolade popcornene deri – herefter pyntes med de frysetørrede hindbær. Stil fadet på køl i et par timer, og nyd så en lækker snack.


”Chocolate? Yes please! Popcorn? Yes please! A combination? YES PLEASE!” That was what I though when I came across a chocolate-popcorn-post on Instagram. It looked incredibly delicious! Unfortunately there was no recipe… Well then you make your own! And a pretty successful one, if I am to say it myself. I enjoyed the salty and sweet snack with my family – what a perfect way to end the weekend.


  • 50g dark chocolate (70%)
  • 30g ”popped” popcorn (about 1/3 bag)
  • 1 tbsp. freeze-dried raspberries

How too: Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Then add the popcorn, and mix gently so the chocolate is spread on all the popcorns. Cover a dish with a baking sheet, and arrange the chocolate popcorn in it. Then decorate with the freeze-dried raspberries. Leave the dish in the refrigerator for a few hours – and enjoy your snack!

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Today’s workout and lunch

Hey Guys!


I had an awesome workout at the gym today – I pretty much increased weight in every single exercise! Actually I deadlifted 40kg which is more than ever before! My abs, back and triceps are going to be unbelievable sore tomorrow! Love it! Anyways when I finally got home (after almost 2 hours) I made this awesome lunch!

– 3 rice paper rolls filled with 1 red pepper, half a cucumber, sweet chili sauce and soya sauce.

– half a squash and a green pepper steamed on a pan topped with Mexican spiced minced meat.

– 2 big tablespoons of cottage cheese

I just love having vacation – that way I can cook nice fresh food for dinner instead of the usual lunchbox.


Cabbage salad with pineapple and spring onions

My entire family is coming over for dinner tonight so I made this huge bowl of salad. I feel like I always serve salads with regular ingredients – but this one has a little different.


Ingredients (This is for about 4-5 people – I made two portions so the pictures are for about 8-10)

Dressing: 3dl crème fraise(5%), 3 teaspoons of Dijon mustard, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice,  1 teaspoon of honey, salt and pepper.

Filling: ½ a cabbage, 4 spring onions and 150g of canned pineapple

Topping: a little parsley

Mix all the ingredients for the dressing gently in a big bowl. Slice the onions and cabbage thinly and cut the pineapple into smaller pieces. Mix everything together and arrange nicely – top it of with some parsley. Then serve!



Baked peppers with meat sauce and cheese

Hallo guys!
I just felt like sharing this (awesome and easy) recipe with you today!


All you need is:

2 big peppers

8 tablespoons meat sauce (I had some leftovers but I’ll share my recipe if you want?)

80g grated cheese (I used 10% fat)

Cut your peppers into halves and remove the cores. Fill them halves with the meat sauce and top them with cheese. Bake in the own for about 30 minutes – and EAT!