Summer Strawberries

Hey guys. Are you enjoying the summer? I sure am – the weather is perfect in Denmark! I have been on vacation in our little summerhouse with my friends – and late with my parents and brother. It was so nice to get away (besides, our summerhouse is the most wonderful little tree house.) The house lies near the beach, so we went for long walks – and a few swims in the (according to me) cold water. There is no gym though, but a made a little workout schedule for my mom and I. We did burpees, crunches and jump squats. Now I am back home, but I’ll leave for the South very soon. I only have a few days left at home and I plan to enjoy them! Today I went for a walk to the city and afterwards I had – guess what! Strawberries! For my little parfait I used: – 400g strawberries – 150g of ”koldskål” (Danish drink made with cold buttermilk) you can use milk ☺

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Yes, I’m Angry

Hey Guys!

Am I the only one who is SICK and TIRED of these memes? I mean, who are you to tell me what I should look like? For some reason it has become okay to accuse people of being too skinny? Why? Telling people they are too fat has NEVER been OK, then why is THIS suddenly approvable?

And seriously? What’s with the men? Men want this, not that blablablabla… This is my body! I look like I want! Not the way some random man want’s me to look like. Isn’t that what’s important? That I feel happy about myself? Should I really try to look a certain way, just because “men” want a “woman with curves”? I know these images were probably made to help women feel better about them selves (and their extra kilos) but isn’t it doing the exact opposite?

These images make me think about the “men’s” roll in this beauty ideal conflict. Are men really the reason why women all over the world starve them selves and go on crazy diets? Are men really the reason why we go to the gym for hours each week? NO! They shouldn’t be! Healthy living isn’t a punishment! We should be working out and eating healthy because it makes us feel good, not to attract the most men. If he really loves you, he wont care about those kilos, right?

I’m saying this to myself as well as you guys. I need to remember this too. All our bodies are different – some are born with curves, some with muscle and some might be born “boney”.

For some girls these memes/images might be a confidence boost, but for others they can be very hurtful.




Healthy egg salad (filled with protein!)

Hey Guys!


Just wanted to share this (easy) recipe on (PROTEIN RICH!) egg salad! You only need a few ingredients: 2 eggs, 4 big tablespoons of cottage cheese, salt and pepper

How to: Hard-boil the eggs – about 8-10 minutes depending on size. When the egg is done you mash it with a fork and mix it with the cottage cheese. Then add a little salt and pepper.

Oh thank God it is finally weekend! I went to the gym this morning to work on my abs and then I entered a BODY PUMP class. BODY PUMP is my favorite! The teacher is so much fun – he is just filled with energy and all over the place. Now I’m gonna put on my comfortable (and ugly) pajamas pants. I’ll have to do some homework and then relax (and watch Netflix) the rest of the day.


Wraps with salmon and cream cheese!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share this really easy, delicious recipe with you! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!
Recipe for 4 (the picture is for about 11-12)
2 wraps (you can use whole grain)
2 big tablespoons of cream cheese (you can use low fat)
100g smoked salmon Chives (can be let out)

How to: Spread the cream cheese, the salamon and the chives on your wraps and roll them tightly. Cut the ends of and cut the rest into quarters – like on the picture underneath. Arrange beautifully and serve! Yum yum!

wraps3 wraps2