Efterårssalat // Autumn salad

Hejsa! Hold da op, hvor går tiden hurtigt, når man har efterårsferie! Jeg har virkelig prøvet at være produktiv, og det er faktisk lykkedes mig rimelig godt (hvis jeg selv skulle sige det). Det er så rart med alt den ekstra tid! Jeg er kommet foran med mine afleveringer (2.g-livet er hårdt..), jeg har ryddet ud i mit tøjskab (nu er der plads til massere af efterårsshopping, haha), og så har jeg selvfølgelig givet den MAX gas med træningen! En anden ting, jeg har nydt, er muligheden for at spise lækker, frisklavet frokost! Det er altså bare hundrede gange bedre end en lunken madpakke. Derfor vil jeg da også lige dele min efterårsferie-favorit frokost med jer!


  • en lille smule olivenolie
  • snittet hvidkål
  • revet gulerod
  • en peberfrugt
  • kyllingetern
  • dressing: cremefraiche(6%) og ketchup

Fremgangsmåde: Svits hvidkål og gulerod i lidt olivenolie på en varm pande. Skær peberfrugten i tern og bland den med den varme hvidkåls/gulerodsblanding. Arranger salaten i en fin skål og top med kyllingetern og dressing. Super nemt og super lækkert!

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Hello! I have had vacation this week, and it has been great! My big assignments for the following weeks are done; I have cleaned my closet (now I have space for autumn shopping! Lol), and (most important of all) my muscles are so sore from all that work in the gym. Also I really enjoy getting to eat a fresh, delicious lunch instead of my lukewarm lunch packet – and of course I will show you my autumn-vacation-favorite lunch!


  • A tiny bit of olive oil
  • Cut cabbage
  • Grated carrot
  • A bell pepper
  • Chicken pieces
  • Dressing: crème fraise (6%) and ketchup

How to: Fry the cabbage and the carrot in a bit of olive oil on a hot pan. Cut the bell pepper into smaller pieces and mix it with the cabbage/carrot mixture. Arrange the salad in a cute bowl and top with chicken and dressing. Super easy and super ymmy!

Chickpea omelet

Skærmbillede 2014-09-06 kl. 14.57.40I made this a long time ago, but the recipe never made it to the blog. That is a shame, so here it is!
– 1 whole egg + one egg white
– 100g of canned chickpeas
– 1 tsp. Salt
– A bit of olive oil for the pan
– Toppings: bell pepper, grated carrot, cottage cheese and extra chickpeas.
How to:
– Blend the egg and the egg white with the chickpeas and the salt.
– Cook the mixture like a pancake on a pan (middle heat). You can use some olive oil, so it doesn’t stick.
– When it gets a bit structure you can flip it easily.
– Arrange it on a plate and top it with your favorite veggies

Low Carb Pizza

Hallo out there!

Just thought I would pop in to share a little (and easy) recipe. I find that this can be eaten for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza right?

Today has been an easy day. I woke up at 8am and went out for brunch with some of my favorite girls. I only had one class at school – chemistry, my favorite (actually I’m thinking about becoming a doctor? Just an idea.) Later I’ll go to the gym – it is cardio day, so I’m taking two classes. It’s gonna be horribly hard, but I LOVE cardio classes at the moment – the music is loud and the instructor is amazing!

Anyways.. Back to the recipe:


–       1 egg + 2 egg whites
–       a little oil for the pan
–       2 tbsp. tomato paste
–       5-6 pieces of sliced chicken
–       40 g cheese (I used 10%)

How to:
Beat and mix the eggs gently. Spread the oil on a medium heated pan, and cook the eggs like an omelet. Flip it around and add the fillings. Then leave pan on low heat and cover it with a piece of tin foil. Wait about 10 minutes and viola! The cheese is melted! Now arrange the pizza with lots of fresh veggies and ENJOY!

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Perfect lunch on a Monday

What’s up guys? Are you enjoying this Monday? I sure am. My first classes were canceled, so I went for a short run in the early sunshine. (Okay.. the weather wasn’t that great, but anyways..) My mind wanted to go for a looong run, but I have trouble with my left hip and I have to be careful. After school I killed my back, triceps and abs at the gym! (Those gains better start coming!!!)

I had this PERFECT lunch as my post run meal! I won’t call it a recipe, just thought it could be an inspiration. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.


Ideas: Lunch On The Go

The clock finally shows 11.30am and our lunch break begins. I’m usually pretty hungry by this time, and I quickly grab my lunch box from my bag. Many of my friends buy their lunches in our cafeteria – not that there is anything wrong about that! But bringing food from home is cheaper (and can be way healthier). I like to bring a box with mixed salads – the colors make me happy. Just veggies aren’t enough for a long day at school though, and therefore I always add carbs or protein, for instance beans , chicken, ham or chick peas. I’ll show you some examples:

Mixed salad leavess, cucumber, grated carrot, water melon and chick peas

Ice berg, haricots verts, soy beans and chicken in Greek yoghurt (find the recipe in “Dinner” –> “Chicken”)

Cucumber, pepper and soy beans

Red pepper, cucumber, grated carrot and Mexican spiced minced beef

Red pepper, asparagus and scrambled eggs

potatoes, cottage cheese/skyr dressing, sprouts, pepper, peas, mixed salad leaves and raostbeef

Lunch Wrap With Salmon and Herbs

Hey Guys!


School starts again tomorrow so this is my last day off. One of the things I like about being home from school is that I won’t have to eat my lunch from a box. Today I made this delicious egg wrap with salmon and I thought you should see the recipe!

For the wrap:
–       Eggs (I used 3 whites and 1 yolk)
–       1 tsp. herbal salt
–       1 tsp. butter for the pan (or other)
For the filling:
–       60g smoked salmon
–       Fresh mixed salad
–       3 tbsp. cottage cheese
–       1 tsp. herbal dressing mix

How to: Mix the eggs with the herbal salt and cook it on a pan like an omelet/pancake. Spread the salmon and the salad on the omelet. Mix the herbals with the cottage cheese and arrange on the salad ad salmon. Roll your omelet tightly and cut it into halves. Now Enjoy!




Cowboy toast goes healthy

HEY guys


Today’s recipe is, ”whole grain cowboy toast.” My family likes those unhealthy ones with white bread and lots of butter. I can’t make myself eat that though! That’s why I decided to try a healthier version and it turned out amazing!

–       2 slices of whole grain bread
–       2 tablespoons meat sauce
–       2 tablespoons cottage cheese

Just fill your sandwich with the meat sauce and cottage cheese and put it in the toaster. Wait till it becomes soft and delicious – then ENJOY!