Is it okay to say no?

Hey Guys,

In my class we have traditions. We always buy candy in the Café when writing big assignments, and at our birthday we always bring cake. If I am to be 100% honest this doesn’t fit into my life style, not at all. I must admit that I often say no hanks. Not because I want to restrict my self – but because I don’t feel the need to eat either cake or candy in that moment. Years of eating healthy have cured me from my cravings, and I simply don’t need to have sweets several times during the week.

Most of the time my friends accept me. It is (almost) approved that I bring a big salad for lunch and that I workout six times a week. But when I say no to a piece of cake there will be hell to pay! Suddenly everyone has something to say about my healthiness. ”It’s okay to have something unhealthy once in a while, you know that right?” and ”Oh but you work out so much – why can’t you treat yourself?” they ask so judicially. It is like they immediately think I have an eating disorder or something. Every time I assure them that I’m OK ”Yes I do treat myself sometimes” and “yes I do know that I can eat a piece of cake without becoming fat” It’s like I have to apologize. I hate that.

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Some years ago, when I began my healthy journey, my relationship with food did become partly unhealthy. I restricted myself some foods, and it came to effect my social life. One day I sat down and looked myself in the mirror. I told myself that this was not what I wanted! So I changed it.

Today I have found balance. Treating myself is now a choice – not ”cheating”. It is just so annoying that I have to protect and apologize for my choices and beliefs. I don’t judge them for having the cake – so why do they have to judge me?

This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I accept that people choose differently than I do myself. They can have as much cake they want – that is not my business. I just really wish that they would also start accepting me.


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