Yes, I’m Angry

Hey Guys!

Am I the only one who is SICK and TIRED of these memes? I mean, who are you to tell me what I should look like? For some reason it has become okay to accuse people of being too skinny? Why? Telling people they are too fat has NEVER been OK, then why is THIS suddenly approvable?

And seriously? What’s with the men? Men want this, not that blablablabla… This is my body! I look like I want! Not the way some random man want’s me to look like. Isn’t that what’s important? That I feel happy about myself? Should I really try to look a certain way, just because “men” want a “woman with curves”? I know these images were probably made to help women feel better about them selves (and their extra kilos) but isn’t it doing the exact opposite?

These images make me think about the “men’s” roll in this beauty ideal conflict. Are men really the reason why women all over the world starve them selves and go on crazy diets? Are men really the reason why we go to the gym for hours each week? NO! They shouldn’t be! Healthy living isn’t a punishment! We should be working out and eating healthy because it makes us feel good, not to attract the most men. If he really loves you, he wont care about those kilos, right?

I’m saying this to myself as well as you guys. I need to remember this too. All our bodies are different – some are born with curves, some with muscle and some might be born “boney”.

For some girls these memes/images might be a confidence boost, but for others they can be very hurtful.






  1. Good Post. I have to say that I completely agree with what you have to say and it’s ironically a double standard in some cases. I think women are under more pressure to have that svelte physique, due to societal expectations and what we see in the movies, but like you said, it comes down to accepting yourself as is, and ameliorating yourself daily. For men, the pressure is there too, but definitely not as significant as it is for women. I had a friend of mine tell me, “I’m fat!” and she is probably not even 140 pounds. It’s that societal pressure and that ‘I have to look like a Victoria’s secret model’ (No offense to Victoria’s secret models) mentality that leads to these insane diets and unhealthy practices. But I think it’s a double edged sword, because both men and women are naturally superficial in some way. Would you rather date a guy who was fit and had a normal bodyweight, or a guy who was slightly obese? (consider they had all the same traits) If you’re being honest, you’d most likely sway towards the fit person and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that society has programmed us to want a certain look and unless we are comfortable with ourselves and our bodies, memes like this will continue to be the staple of what physique people desire. Great Post!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for reading. You’re absolutely right. I wish I would not choose the guy with a normal body weight. But the truth is: I would. I deeply hope that one day we will be able to accept our bodies – I wish we could just relax and be happy. Until then we will live in a society with body shaming memes and insane diets, yes. I totally see the dilemma. The movies and medias give us certain opinions about what “good looking people” look like. We say that looks do not matter, but we know it is a lie.
      It is just.. People assume that skinny is happy. That is not true (nor is that fat equals unhappy). It is a shame! Our lives would be a whole lot better if we did not have these awful beauty ideals. Instead of shaming and criticizing each other, we should give compliments and offer our help! Yeaah I don’t know, it might be naive.. But a girl can dream right?

  2. Preach! I am SO on the same page here. I happen to naturally be pretty boney and absolutely hate having people comment on my weight. It’s not okay when people say, “You’re so skinny!” Just like it wouldn’t be okay for me to approach someone and say, “You’re so fat!” Whether under-weight, over-weight, or average, it’s not anyone’s business but her own (unless of course an eating disorder were at risk). Women should aim for health and happiness, not what society thinks they should look like. Thanks for this!

    1. Exactly! I am so happy there are people out there with the same opinion! Our genes are different and therefore we must look different! I sure would be boring if we all looked completely the same. I deeply hope that the society (women and men) will start accepting the female body – hopefully in the nearest future! And you are very welcome! THANK YOU for reading!

  3. I don’t support shaming of any kind: fat shaming, thin shaming, slut shaming, “poser” shaming. I think it is horrible and one of the biggest things wrong with society. People think that they can just be assholes and it’s ok. They don’t realize that all of these people have feelings. But I do believe that both the “curvy” women and the “thin” women can be healthy. It’s when you’re getting to extremes on either side that it becomes unhealthy.

    1. Yes, I agree. It is when you are getting to the extremes it gets unhealthy. As you say, it is awful how people criticize each other. Some people are assholes, yes. I try to avoid them – just to get rid of all the negative energy. We worry all the time, especially about our looks. I wish we could just relax – stop judging each other and be happy.

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