Ideas: Lunch On The Go

The clock finally shows 11.30am and our lunch break begins. I’m usually pretty hungry by this time, and I quickly grab my lunch box from my bag. Many of my friends buy their lunches in our cafeteria – not that there is anything wrong about that! But bringing food from home is cheaper (and can be way healthier). I like to bring a box with mixed salads – the colors make me happy. Just veggies aren’t enough for a long day at school though, and therefore I always add carbs or protein, for instance beans , chicken, ham or chick peas. I’ll show you some examples:

Mixed salad leavess, cucumber, grated carrot, water melon and chick peas

Ice berg, haricots verts, soy beans and chicken in Greek yoghurt (find the recipe in “Dinner” –> “Chicken”)

Cucumber, pepper and soy beans

Red pepper, cucumber, grated carrot and Mexican spiced minced beef

Red pepper, asparagus and scrambled eggs

potatoes, cottage cheese/skyr dressing, sprouts, pepper, peas, mixed salad leaves and raostbeef


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