Half Marathon Update

Hey Guys!

Some of you probably know that my half marathon is this Sunday? Yes, only two days to go! Initially my goal was to finish in less than 2 hours, but that might not be possible. Two and a half weeks ago I twisted my ankle – it immediately turned blue and the pain was awful. After the accident I didn’t think I would get ready in time. The doctor told me that some ligaments had been ripped and they had to heal before I could run again.  Oh man… I cried for hours.  I’ve worked so hard for this! I’ve been running three times a week for four months – in snow and in ran – pushing myself to the limit every singe time.

However, yesterday I talked to another doctor (my mom works at the hospital and one of her colleges offered to look at my ankle). He didn’t think my ankle looked too bad, and he suggested that I tried. Of course he made me promise that I will stop the second I feel pain – and he even told my parents to bring ice in the car. He wasn’t optimistic about me actually crossing the finish line, but I guess that’s okay. I mean, at least I get to try! GOD, that was such good news! Yeaah, so I’ll spend the next to days praying that everything will be fine.

Just I pic of my babies (aka. my running shoes) – Adidas supernova glide 5 women

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