Greek inspired salad

Hello my healthy friends!


I’ve been on vacation with the family for a few days. Just me, my brother, my parents and grandparents in a little summerhouse on the countryside. I tell you – I was so nice getting away from all the stress. In steed of worrying about school and homework I’ve been walking on the beach, relaxing on the couch and eating a whole lot of my grandmothers delicious food. It’s impossible to eat 100% clean while living in the same house as my grandmother! Haha! And you know what? It’s okay to treat your self once in a while – as long as you get back on track afterwards! Yeaah, so that’s what I’ll do know – get back on track with this lovely salad! Enjoy!

–       5 big tomatoes
–       ½ cucumber
–       1 red pepper
–       ½ red onion
–       120g feta cheese (I used flavored)

How to: Cut your vegetables into coarse pieces and arrange them in a (pretty) dish. Top the salad with thin onion rings and feta cheese.





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