Banana french toast

HEY Guys!


Finally Friday huh? I’ve been to school all day and later I’ll probably go out with my friends – there is a big party at my gymnasium (the Danish high school). It’s just.. I’ve been feeling sick all day.. just really nauseous.. I don’t know if I should go to the party or just stay at in my bed..  Maybe I’ll just go – I can always leave early if it gets worse..
Anyways! Let’s celebrate that it is finally FINALLY weekend! I want to share one of my FAVORITE healthy dessert/breakfast recipes! Banana French toast!

–       2 egg whites
–       1 banana
–       2 pieces of whole grain toast
–       A little coconut oil for the pan


How to: Blend the banana with the egg whites until it becomes a firm batter. Then cut each slice of bread into quarters (eight pieces in total).  Mix the bread pieces with the banana/egg white mix and put it in a plastic bag. Leave in the fridge for a few hours. (You can skip this step, but then the bread wont absorb as much banana/ egg white mix.) Fry the bread pieces in coconut oil and EAT! (I topped mine with heated up frozen strawberries.)



  1. Looks tasty! Hope you feel better! You may want to try adding a small piece or grating an inch of fresh ginger into a small pot of boiling water to help your stomach. You can use powdered too, then it’s a teaspoon. You can add fresh or powdered turmeric, with a cinnamon stick or powdered cinnamon too. Add a teaspoon of honey t help the taste. Usually helps!

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