Banana vanilla chai oatmeat

Hello guys!


How are you today? I feel great! I woke up early so now I chilling with a good cup of my favorite tea an a bowl of very sweet banana/tea oatmeal. Have you guys tried cooking you oats in tea? If no, then you should definitely try it! I can highly recommend the recipe below – aha.
After school I’m going to the Capital with one of my girlfriend. We’ll probably have lunch at a café and the we are going to a lecture at the Royal Library. I’ll see if have time to work out when I get home – Gonna kill that back and those triceps!

–       1dl (50g) oats
–       1 banana
–       2 dl (200g) of Vanilla Chai tea (or whatever tea you like)

How to: The first thing to is the tea – it has to be as strong as possible! Then mash the banana and mix it with the oats and the tea in a pan. Then cook it like a regular oatmeal and eat!



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