This week #4

Hello guys!

How has your week been? Mine has been tough! I feel like school is just getting busier and busier every week! It’s hard for me to find time to relax because I don’t want to skip my workouts! Also my diet haven’t been all clean this week.. And you know what? – it’s OK! I’ll get back on track tomorrow and everything will fine! I mean isn’t that what a healthy life style is all about? To do your best every day? To wake up Monday morning and think, ”yes, this is gonna be a difficult week! But I’m still gonna work out! I’m still gonna eat healthy (Even if I’m on the run and have to eat all of my meals from a tupperware)! And I’m still gonna do my homework and hand in my essays before the deadline! I AM GONNA WORK MY ASS OFF!”

As always I’m posting this last week’s workout schedule:

Monday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: LEGS and a little abs + Gym class (in school): 40 minutes cardio (step)

Tuesday: Cardio: 6,5 km run

Wednesday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: Back, triceps and a little abs

Thursday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: Shoulders, chest, biceps and a little abs + cardio: 4,5 km run

Friday: Cardio: 25 minutes on the cross trainer + 1 hour zumba class

Saturday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: abs + 1 hour BODY PUMP class

Sunday: 12 km run




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