Strawberry vanilla (protein) ice cream

Hey guys!


Busy day today! My friend came to visit me at 8 am and then we walked to school witch started at 10 am. Basically I was at school until 5 pm and I wasn’t home until 5.30 pm.. Then all I wanted was to lay in my bed and watch Netflix (I have an obsession with White Collar at the moment..). But! No excuses! My workout had to be done! So I went to the gym backattack, triceps and a little abs – crazy crazy! I had this strawberry vanilla protein ice cream as my post meal – here is the recipe:

Ingredients: 150g frozen strawberries, 20 g vanilla protein powder and 40g pasteurized egg whites.

How to:
–       Wisk the egg whites until stiff
–       Heat the strawberries in the micro wave until they are soft enough to mash. Then wisk them with the protein powder in another bowl. You will probably have to wisk for a few minutes until the batter is fluffy and delicious.
–       Then gently mix the stiff egg whites with the protein strawberry mash.
–       Put it in the freezer – and wait (about 4 hours..)
–       Eat and enjoy!





  1. Looks awesome! I haven’t seen anything like this and can’t wait to give it a try: ) Check out my blog if you get a chance; I love writing about health, nutrition and running! 🙂

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