This week #3

What’s up guys?


This week has been pretty different because I haven’t had to go to school! That’s right one week of total freedom! (Or not maybe.. I’ve had plenty of homework… actually I wrote a 2 pages long essay about life in space today..) Anyways it has been kinda nice – I’ve had time to sleep in, cook some nice meals (I especially enjoy getting to eat lunch at home!) and do some awesome workouts! Here’s this week’s workout schedule if anyone is interested:

Monday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: abs and chest

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: 1 hour at the gym: LEGDAY!

Thursday: Cardio: ran 8 km

Friday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: back, triceps and abs

Saturday: Almost 2 hours at the gym: shoulders, biceps, chest and abs

Sunday: Cardio: ran 10 km



  1. Awww I cannot read about exercising right now. I have some serious back pain and cannot do anything but walk (and write my blog in bed and cook 😉 ). I usually run 20km a week so doing nothing is very annoying!!

      1. Thanks! I know. I NEVER had any back probs in my life before and I always did all sorts of sports without thinking too much, and now this! Cannot believe myself. But hey something positive is that staying in bed so much allows me to spend time with WordPress and other bloggers 😉

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