Hey Guys

I’ve had the busiest week ever (I say that every week but they just keep getting busier and busier..) I’m trying to arrange a big party for my parents but I have to keep up with homework and workouts meanwhile. Luckily I now have a week off from school (winter holyday in Denmark). I really wanted to go skiing but my family decided to stay home this year.. Instead I’m gonna hang with my friends – maybe we’ll go bowling or have a movie night. I definitely have the best friend in the world 🙂

As said I’ve been working pretty hard this week – here’s this week’s workout routine:

Monday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: abs and chest

Tuesday: Cardio: 8 km run

Wednesday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: LEGS

Thursday: Cardio: 5,5 km run

Friday: 2 hours at the gym: abs, back and shoulders

Saturday: 1 hour at the gym: triceps and biceps

Sunday: Cardio: 12 km run




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