This week #1

Hey Guys


Have you had a good week? Did you work out and eat healthy? I sure have been working out a lot, actually I kinda forgot about rest day.. Sorry, I’ll have one next week PROMISE! I have been running longer than ever – 25,5 km if you add it up for the entire week! Also I have been lifting heavier than usual! I squatted with 47 kg last Wednesday! (It might not seem like a lot for some but to me it is a huge step forward.) I have been pushing myself hard this week and it feels good to finally see some progress!

Here is my workout schedule for the last week if you are interested:

Monday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: abs and chest

Tuesday: Cardio: Ran 8 km

Wednesday: 1 and a half hour at the gym: Legs

Thursday: Cardio: Ran 8 km

Friday: 1 hour at the gym: Abs and triceps

Saturday: 2 hours at the gym: Back, shoulder and biceps

Sunday: Cardio: Ran 9,5 km

What else have I been doing this week? Friday I had a movie night with my sweet and lovely girlfriends! We laughed at silly jokes, talked about booooys (what elese?) and watched a movie named Safe Haven. Have you seen it? If no you really should! Cutes love story ever. (It is written by Nicholas Sparks who also made The Notebook, so how can it be anything but amazing?)

I also went bowling with some of my classmates this weekend – and I actually won one of your games lol. 😀 I love winning (who doesn’t) and we had so much fun trying to throw the bowling ball in strange ways – hehe! I almost felt like I was in an American Teenage movie! (We don’t go bowling that often in Denmark…)

And one more thing! I tried eating lentils for the first time ever today! Did you know that 100g of dry lentils contain 25g of protein! 25g! That is A LOT! Gotta eat lentils waaay more aften!


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