Banana oatmeal with yoghurt and blueberries

Hey guys!

I’ve had a very VERY busy day today – I killed my back, shoulders and biceps at the gym from 9.30 am to 11.30 am! I’m finally starting to se some upper body gains and I LOVE it! After the gym I went straight to the Academy (school) from 12 am to 9.30 pm! Going trough such a long day requires some serious fuel for breakfast – so I had this oatmeal bomb!

For the oatmeal: 1dl oats, 2dl water, half a banana and a little salt.
Topping: half a banana, a handful frozen blueberries and 1dl yoghurt (I used skyr with pear and vanilla flavor but you can use whatever you like)

How to: Cook the oatmeal in a pot or the in microwave until it becomes thick and delicious. Take it of the heat, mix it with the yoghurt and let it cool down in the fridge for a few minutes. Put the frozen berries in the microwave until they are all melted. Then top the oatmeal with sliced banana and hot berries. AND EAT!






  1. Hi dear!! I have a question about oats.. you cook it in tge microwave for example… but with some water?! Or tea? Thanks a lot! XO

    1. I usually cook 65g of oats with 400g of water or tea 🙂 I usually cook mine on the stove but the microwave works fine too (If you use the microwave you should probably use a little less water). You can also cook the oats in milk but it gets burned easily so make sure to stir a lot. Some times I add stuff to my oatmeal like a mashed banana, shredded squash or carrot, berries, protein powder, cacao, peanut butter or nuts 🙂

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