Vanilla oatmeal with apple and bran flakes

Hey Guys ❤

This past month I’ve been trying to gain some weight – in a healthy way of course (No junk!!). I really want to gain, so that i can build some nice strong muscle. I’ve have been eating more than usual – actually I’ve been eating all the time (or so it feels). BUT when i checked my weight this morning I haven’t gained anything! I’ve almost lost weight! I really don’t understand why! I guess I’ll just have to eat even more food! I’m meeting late at school today so I decided to make a big breakfast, Vanilla oatmeal with apple and bran flakes. Here is the recipe if anyone are interested:

Ingredients: 1 dl oats, 2 dl water, 100g of vanilla yoghurt (or any other flavor you like), 1 apple and 25 g bran flakes.

How to: Cook the oats and the water just like a regular oatmeal. When it’s done you mix it with the yoghurt and leave it in the fridge until it’s cold. Cut your apple into small pieces and mix half of them in the oatmeal. At last decorate it with the bran flakes and the rest of the apple. Then eat! 🙂





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